inStock – How to add/edit/remove individual items

Steps to add/edit/remove individual items in inStock app. - Log into inBeam Instock app with your user credentials. If you have admin permissions please click on: Administration - Settings - Edit Inventory Settings - Add Master Inventory items ( Click on New button ) Fill out item's information and click on Save. - Then in the same Edit Inventory Settings click on Edit Local Inventory Item - Add Master Inventory items ( Click on New button ) Fill out required data and click on Save. - Use similar steps to edit or remove item from inventory. Note: If item was [...]

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Adminicare app – version 1.1.9 installation

TABLE OF CONTENTS: What's new in adminicare app 1.1.9 Step 1 - Remove old Adminicare app Step 2 - Install new app Step 3 - Register in Adminiportal What's new: New functionality: adminicare version supports latest apple iOS. 1. New feature - Take a resident picture and inventory item pictures and sync them with adminiportal. 2. New feature - use favorite list of item for quick recording a single charge. 3. New feature - add swipe a card option for login option. 4. Cosmetic changes. Adminicare app will support future product updates such as auto-submit ordering, save pharmacy medication charges, [...]

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