AdminiCare Kiosk – Scan and Go

Scan-n-Go technology.

AdminiCare Kiosk is a companion app with AdminiCare.

In addition to usual barcode login, users will have Swipe Card functionality is added for easier login and authentication.

AdminiCare is a program created to assist our customers with managing their inventory.

It allows you to scan staff, resident, and inventory item barcodes to help manage transactions. The information scanned is transferred directly to the Adminportal to designated customer profile.

AdminiCare has a customized database for your facility allowing you to:

  • Access inventory information
  • Search for products
  • Keep inventory count
  • Update inventory information
  • Assist with product pricing
  • Create purchase orders to be sent to Qual-Med supply
  • Manage receiving of order items
  • Manage resident information and product transactions

The program also allows you to create informational and transactional related reports, and connects directly with the AdminiCare website.

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