P21DC was developed by inBeam Technoilogies to extend Prophet21 capabilities. It’s main purpose is to help long-term care facilities and their supply vendors increase efficiency in cost management and purchasing to enhance service delivery. We are passionate about healthcare and helping those who provide it.

P21DC management modules are easy to use.

P21DC was developed by inBeam Technologies to extend Prophet21 system capabilities.

Available 24-hours a day, P21DC is a robust scanning system with an extensive range of tools focused on refining efficiency, improving accuracy, and growing profitability for your organization.

Our system is fully customizable to meet individual business needs. Easy-to-use web technology makes the system easy to learn and navigate. Strategic business resources include improving delivery accuracy, providing reali-time delivery status data,improving efficiency, and managing venue streams.

P21DC management modules are easy to use.

Our software system is conveniently compatible with most Apple devices. Our management technology provides key functionality in remote areas across your Prophet21 system.

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