Better Ways to Use AdminiCare

The newest changes to the AdminiCare System give you an enhanced ability to take back control of your bottom line!

With the AdminiCare System you have greater abilities to control costs because:

– It allows you to immediately record all charges to residents because the System integrates with virtually all other systems which includes connectivity between all residential facilities and all vendors.
– You order only what you needed from the vendors you want to use – because you can shop all vendors for the best price.
– There is the availability of accessing a wide range of analytical tools that can track user data.

Key feature of the latest update to AdminiCare include;

Separating and Tracking of Services Charges – facilities will now be able to have services provided (such as physical therapy, Equipment rental, and other, even amenities) from all Daily Charges for physical items actually dispensed to residents.

Better connectivity – AdminiCare continues to move in the direction of enhanced between residential facilities like Nursing Homes and their vendors. This includes the ability to add global Vendors (Amazon, McKesson and others) with a single click and more focused searching for “best prices” on specific items as the system will now show “preferred vendor” and alternate items so users will have better purchasing choices.

Improved ability to provide integration of user’s data for analysis – Users will now be able to easily integrate AdminiCare with analytical tools, such as PowerBI, SQL Reporting and others in order to prep and model data.

The AdminiCare System will continue to add additional features and more selectivity to what is already the most flexible and surprisingly affordable inventory management software available to medium to large residential care facilities

Call or email us at any time to find out how you can use all the features of the AdminiCare System to keep control of your organization’s inventory – AND costs!

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