Seamless Interactions with Vendors and Tracking of Charges
One of the most important improvements to the AdminiCare System is the ability of clients to use the AdminiCare System for more complete integration with vendors.  This includes checking inventory and prices and even being able to handle orders and invoices with any contracted vendor seamlessly.
This capability extends to vendors like McKesson and Medline as well as many others.
Why Is This Important?
Instead of having to use multiple databases or systems, the exchanges for virtually all activities can take place with the AdminiCare System. This makes allows for tremendous time savings and elimination of possible errors.    
Working for Better Connectivity – AdminiCare will continue to towards enhanced and simplified connections between residential facilities and their vendors.  The more administrators can do without tedious movement between too many systems, the more the savings!
This ability – with a few clicks within AdminiCare – allows healthcare facilities to function with greater precision and confidence.  The increased level of data entry includes being able to record each resident’s charges quickly and simply. This allows your organization to keep track of those charges on par-levels.
Improved ability to provide integration of vendor activity for analysis just as you can integrate AdminiCare with analytical tools, such as PowerBI, SQL Reporting and others in order to prep and model data, now ALL activities involving vendors can be simple.  
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The AdminiCare System will continue to add additional features and more selectivity to what is already the most flexible and surprisingly affordable inventory management software available to medium to large residential care facilities.
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