inBeam Tech Solutions for Long-Term Health Care

Flexible, functional end-to-end business solutions for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Medical Distributors and Payers; such as Medicaid or Private Pay.

Help your care teams get back to caring.

With inBeam Tech solutions, care teams can quickly and efficiently document all auxiliary charges electronically — via computers, kiosks or mobile devices. Seamless synchronization with most EHR systems , such as PointClickCare or Matrix, is readily available.

Automatic par-level reordering improves inventory control and speeds up decision making.

Less time spent documenting empowers staff to spend more quality time with residents — an outcome that they, the residents and families will all appreciate.

Manage inventory, purchasing & billing across multiple facilities. Record charges and place purchase order right in the Apple app. Manage Multiple Facilities, Inventories & Price Updates.

AdminiCare Kiosk is a companion app with AdminiCare.

In addition to usual barcode login, users will have Swipe Card functionality is added for easier login and authentication.