Distribution Solutions with inBeam Technologies

Drive Efficiencies and Improve Margins with Mobile Warehouse Add-on to your EHR.

inBeam Tech has flexible software solutions that enable you to improve the efficiency of your supply chain and as well as increase visibility and end-to-end traceability.

  • P21DC Mobile Warehouse may be connected to Distribution Center EHR such as Prophet21.
  • inStock is a scalable inventory management system that was developed by inBeam Technologies to help automating inventory management their processes and workflow and make communications with customers natively effortless.

Systems will allow to extend capabilities to your mobile devices; scan, ship and track as well as have customers to sign for deliveries.

Manage, maintain, and improve production accurately and in real time.

Meet tough regulatory standards where origin and use of every shipment has to be recorded.

P21DC enables distributors using Prophet 21 to extend P21 features and capabilities to distribution center and even further to delivery chain and even customers.

onDemand inventory management