Many small and mid-sized retailers rely on count sheets to create inventory reports. Physically counting and recording inventory levels is both tedious and introduces large opportunities for human error. All of the analog steps involved — printing out the sheets, marking them up with inventory numbers, transcoding those values into a spreadsheet — are time consuming.

The human toll should also not be underestimated: It’s boring, and nobody wants to do it…the dreaded inventory duty.

Paper count sheets are also impractical for retailers that split the inventory task among multiple people. The completed sheets must be aggregated to calculate a final inventory count and this creates opportunities for sheets to get lost, inaccuracies in how numbers are added, and even illegible handwriting can lead to a final report that is way off. Mobile inventory is a 100% digital endeavor that uses scanned barcode information transmitted directly to a database, eliminating the possibility of errors in physically counting SKUs or transcoding data.

InStock by inBeam technologies provides 247 access to web portal and mobile app to view and mage inventory as well as access to various business reports.

We also create customer workflow alerts based on required conditions such as Min Max for each item, contract renewal.