It’s important to remember that there is no “easy” button for managing costs. Even thought you have an amazing amount of due diligence to find vendors who provide good=quality supplies at reasonable prices, that’s not the end of the effort. Yesterday’s “great deal” vendor can morph into a high-cost problem.

Vendor Prices Can Change – OFTEN
For many years, vendors would negotiate prices and hold them for a considerable period of time. Those days are over. Vendors can – and will change prices often, without advance sometimes without warning. BUT – AdminiCare has a solution. Before placing any significant order, you can shop your vendor list and see who has the best cost.

Blanket Purchase Orders Aren’t The Answer
Many times, an order can be placed based on mini-max ordering, and – just about the time you expect delivery, you get an email letting you now that the price for the item or items you need has changed. It may politely suggest that all you have to do is agree to the new price and your order will be shipped.

In some unusual cases, you may actually receive an order, and be billed at the new price, again without advance notice. These types of situations can seriously affect the bottom line of your organization – and cause concern with senior management.

The answer is actually simple. The AdminiCare System allows you to quickly and easily check prices BEFORE placing an order. Some of our clients have saved very substantial amounts of money by following this process. We recommend that you shop vendors regularly – and make it easy to do so.

The AdminiCare System will continue to add additional features and more selectivity to what is already the most flexible and surprisingly affordable inventory management software available to medium to large residential care facilities.

Keep Track!
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