Adminicare – Suppliers Features and Benefits

Improve Customer Loyalty and Simplify Inventory Management

Ensuring client satisfaction, time management, capacity to do more, and economies of scale are all essential factors to your success. The efficiencies of AdminiCare’s on-line integrated system, will save you time and increase your productivity. It will empower you to not only “secure” your customer base, but also to expand your business- resulting in higher revenue and profit.  Through “State of the Art” technologies, AdminiCare puts you in control, with 24/7 access to sales reports,  contract management, tracking, and inventory management. AdminiCare integrates seamlessly the most critical components of the Health Care Industry: Par Level Order Efficiencies, Terms of Contract Controls, Simple Order Tracking, Automatic Price Change Updating, and Automated Inventory and Re-Order Controls and more to ensure maintaining high-level client satisfaction.

Accuracy is not an option, contact AdminiCare today.


  • Distributors can update inventories and price changes along with contacts.
  • Monitor and reorder for multiple facilities from one web-based portal.
  • Monitor contract terms.
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Automatic reordering based on par level
  • Adminicare is web-based and open 24/7

Central Supply

Reduce Inventory Management Times Up to 60%

Automatic Scheduling of Recurring Transactions

AdminiCare can reduce inventory management times by up to 60%. When using the handheld scanner when dispersing inventory, a real-time inventory count is constantly being updated–ending the manual counting of inventory. AdminiCare can also automatically schedule the entry of time-consuming recurring transactions, as well as optimize surplus inventory and stock outs.

What’s Important to Central Supply

  • Automate recurring transactions
  • Automatic reordering based on par level
  • Optimize inventory level
  • Integrate with existing wholesaler for automated order processing
  • Easily track expiration dates and lot numbers
  • Reduce surplus inventory stock outs
  • AdminiPortal compares frequently used items across multiple vendors for lowest cost

What Central Supply Is Saying About AdminiCare

  • “I love the scanner.”
  • “It’s a lot quicker to scan and send orders now.”
  • “Now I do inventory once every four months and it is very accurate.”
  • “Adminicare is easy to place an order and easy to add different vendors to purchase from”


Cut Billing Time by Half

Automate Recurring Transactions

Cut billing time in half and improve charge capture with AdminiCare’s built-in billing capabilities. AdminiCare also allows you utomate recurring transactions, provide corporate billing for multiple facilities, generate on-demand billing reports and export data to your financial software.

What’s Important to Billing

  • Export billing data to financial software
  • Corporate billing for multiple facilities
  • On-demand billing reports

What Billing Departments Are Saying About AdminiCare

  • “Now I do billing only twice a month, not every week like I used to.”
  • “I do monthly billing much quicker.”
  • “I can scan multiple charges and then process them once—instead of typing charges manually like I used to.”
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