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All unsent orders will be edited until order was submitted.

Note: If Auto-Submit” is enabled then all orders will be automatically submitted to vendors on specified time.

User may receive ordered items into Confirmed Orders

Once all items are received order will be archived into Received Orders for future references.

All scanned orders must be approved and processed.

Note: If Auto-Submit is enabled then all orders will be submitted regardless.

When orders are received from a vendor on scanner it should be approved and processed on a server. Inventory quantities will be updated automatically.

Returns may be processed in Adminicare in case item needs to be returned back to a vendor.

RASP — Resident Adaptive Specific Purchasing

RASP makes sure that correct product is ordered for a resident.

For example: if resident is set to use a small size then only small size will be ordered for the resident.

All RASP orders must be approved before scheduling them.

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