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AdminiCare inventory management modules are easy to use. You simply access the AdminiCare system through а website by using your Ipod or computer.

AdminiCare is the Medical Supplies Inventory System from InBeam Technologies. InBeam is an international technology company that focuses on software solutions to automate and optimize complex business processes. Our goal is to deliver affordable, easy-to-use software that solves problems for various industries.

AdminiCare is a tested and proven barcode web-based technology-based system designed to allow residential healthcare facilities to save money and time while providing better care to their residents.

Simple Scanning Technology eliminates many of the errors of other inventory programs that can drive up the costs of doing business and cause loss of reputation.

Track Supplies from Supplier to Reimbursement.
The AdminiCare system captures your facility’s real costs and helps you better manage your business through cost management, reimbursement and inventory control.

Control, Accuracy, Flexibility and Integration.
Our technology is based on tying dispensed items directly to resident. All the specific needs of each resident are determined and put into their record.

Each time any type of items is dispensed to a resident, the system can handle everything including relieving inventory, ordering, billing and even reimbursement all with extraordinary accuracy.

  • AdminiCare can be integrated with accounting/billing/reimbursement/ordering systems.
  • The items and services you provide are all tracked back to each specific resident who received them.
  • Add multiple inventories, multiple vendors in one place.
  • Track non-billable (routine supplies) as a cost to various departments and locations.
  • Gather transactions to bill private-pay residents, HMO residents or other payer types, as well as track lost charges.
  • Capture charges not only for supplies but for a variety of different service categories as well, including: barber/beauty, therapy, rentals, oxygen, clinic changes and transportation.
  • It will provide data of the spending and billing for ALL the supplies and services and retain the records for as long as you want.

Complete Control.

  • You control the products, formularies, and charges to each resident.
  • Manage users and security features for multiple locations or companies in one place.
  • All items added by a corporate account are immediately available for all connected facilities.
  • Compare your facilities (units in a facility or facility-to-facility for a chain) in real-time to understand your revenue.
  • Individual facilities still have the ability to set-up products and services that are unique to them.

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